• Published on March 31, 2022
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  • Published on March 31, 2022
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8 Editions with Questions

#1 – Can love save us? Download aqui

#2 – Are you really free? Download aqui

#3 – Do you have time? Download aqui

#4 – What about your body? Download aqui

#5 – What is the common good? Download aqui

#6 – What if it were you? Download aqui

#7 – Where do you see art? Download aqui 

#8 – Could your life be a film? Download aqui

In the first eight editions, we asked you questions, such as: “Can love save us?”, “Are you really free?” or “Do you have time?”. We challenged you to think with us, sharing stories and different perspectives from the people of Braga and other European cities – former, present and future ECOCs – going through the many phases of this candidacy together.

We distributed 3000 copies of each edition in Braga’s centre and periphery, and we organised eight special distribution sessions, focusing on listening to your views of the city.


Special Edition dedicated to the Bid Book: Download aqui

The last edition, instead of asking questions, was a way to start answering. It was a guide for the contents presented in our bid book. This last issue also includes interviews with some of the citizens involved in this adventure!

  • Published on 31 de March, 2022
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